About Us

Jehu Hand is a proud graduate of New York University School of Law, and received a Bachelors degree in Latin American Studies from Brigham Young University. He was admitted to practice in California in 1986 and while it is not active was admitted to proactive in Ohio in 1984.

Jehu Hand was assigned to work with many top clients when he first became an associate. Jehu Hand received first rate training at Schwartz, Kelm, Warren and Rubenstein early in his career.

Throughout his career, Jehu Hand has worked at a number of outstanding law firms which set him up for the position of knowledge where he currently resides. Spending time as an associate and rising to being a named partner Jehu Hand has seen the legal field from each side and come ahead with a greater understanding of what it take to make assist his clients. Much of this can be traced back to those roots at Schwartz, Kelm, Warren and Rubenstein.

For more than 20 years he has been involved in numerous cross border transactions. Mr. Hand was counsel to international securities offerings even prior, to the adoption of Regulation S. Mr. Hand was counsel on probably the first reverse merger with a Chinese company, Chinatek, Inc., in 1993 and pioneered the legal methodology which was followed by other practitioners in the field.

Jehu Hand was also was heavily involved with registration of PIPE offerings when the first became utilized heavily in the late 1990s. Jehu Hand has represented issuers listed on all the major US stock exchanges.

After 29 years of practice, not content with one legal career, Jehu Hand recently received additional legal training in Caribbean Commonwealth Law at the Eugene Dupuch School of Law in Nassau, The Bahamas. The Eugene Dupuch School of Law is one of the three law schools in the region which qualify lawyers to practice in the British Caribbean.

Now he has returned to the United States for his role at Centro de Ayuda Latina. He speaks and writes fluent Spanish.