Jehu Hand – Public Offerings Expert

As counsel to the issuer and/or underwriter in over 100 public offerings Jehu Hand has a plethora of experience. He was the counsel on the initial public offering or 1934 Act registration of the following notable public companies, among others: Compressco, Inc., Tech Team Global, Inc., AlCis Health, Inc., IGIA, Inc., Arkona, Inc., Winner Medical Group, Inc., Smith & Wesson Holding Corp., Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc., Alpine Air Express, Inc., Aradyme Corporation, and Rockport Healthcare Group, Inc.

A public offering is the offering of securities for sale to the general public. This is the route that most successful startups take. An IPO is the first time that a securities offer is made to the general public. The 1934 Securities Exchange Act which in part required that any securities listed on a stock exchanges be registered.

Jehu Hand has extensive experience in both of these vital pieces to becoming an independently traded company. With Jehu Hands additional experience in foreign securities training along with his additional training outside the United States focusing on international securities, you cannot find someone with more experience than Jehu Hand.

Please be sure to contact Jehu Hand with any needs you have when taking your company public.

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