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Jehu Hand – Work Hard and Play Hard

Jehu Hand is an experienced securities lawyer. With over 29 years of experience he still has managed to find time to experience life to the fullest. Jehu Hand has been to the Ice Festival in Harbin, China enjoying the 20 below Celsius temperatures. An annual event since 1985 The Ice Festival the Ice Festival is now the largest in the world.

Jehu Hand Also enjoys time on the water. Enjoying time at Lake Mojave right between Nevada and Arizona, this lake was formed by the Davis Dam on the Colorado River. An experienced Yachtsman, Jehu Hand treasures his Time on the water enough that he currently resides in the Caribbean.

Not only does he enjoy flying to travel but he enjoys flying himself. As an experienced Pilot who actually has built two airplanes Jehu Hand understand the need to enjoy life. Building a working airplane, even from a kit is not for the faint of heart. It requires a strong spirit of dedication and commitment. Luckily Jehu Hand has those in abundance. The same dedication and commitment that Jehu Hand brings to Building is own planes, he brings to work every day on every case.


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Jehu Hand is an expert at IPO’s and has assisted many companies in successful initial public offerings including: Compressco Inc., Smith and Wesson Holding Corp., Tech Team Global, Inc., AlCis Health, Inc., IGIA, Inc., and Arkona, Inc., Jehu Hand enjoys flying and building Planes. Demanding creativity and dedication kit planes are one of the ways Jehu Hand spends his free time. Flying is a joy and building the craft you fly is a great feeling.
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Jehu Hand is a highly competent Securities lawyer who dedicates much of his life to his work and excels in his profession. Many lawyers have taken the arguments he has made in cases to pursue the own careers. Dedication and strong work ethics are part of hat make Jehu Hand such a successful securities lawyer. Combining the two give him a solid leg up on his competition and leave the other far behind.